Monopoly Empire: No More Waiting Hours To Finish Monopoly

Monopoly Empire If you are looking for a new Monopoly game to play with your friends or family, the Monopoly Empire is it. Even though there are tons of Monopoly games on the market, Monopoly Empire stands out from the crowd in a few different ways. In fact, you will find that even the biggest Monopoly critic will end up joining you in playing this version of Monopoly.

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What Makes Monopoly Empire So Special?

The first thing is the speed at which you can get through the game. The classic Monopoly game can take hours to finish, depending on how many people are playing and how quickly the players are at making decisions. Monopoly Empire is a fast paced game that a family of four can easily finish within a half an hour.

No one can get kicked out of the game by going bankrupt. There is no bankruptcy in this game, and everyone has an equal chance of winning as long as the game is still in play.

There are no more cards to organize and deal with. The Monopoly Empire game comes with tiles that fit nicely into a tower on the board. In addition, there are no values on the tiles as there were on the cards. Instead, the number of tiles you have is more important than the value of each tile.

In order to win you have to fill up your tower with the brand tiles. There is no more trying to make other players bankrupt, which was part of the time consuming process.

The amount of tiles in your tower dictates how much other people owe you when they land on your properties. There are no different prices for different properties.

Instead of ones, fives, tens, twenties, fifties, hundreds, and five-hundred dollar bills, this version of monopoly deals with fifties, hundreds, and five-hundred dollar bills only.

Benefits Of Monopoly Empire

Because the game is fast, most original monopoly critics will jump into the game. People who don’t have patience to play a game for hours will become part of the family or friend game night, and they will enjoy themselves!

The fact that bankruptcy has been eliminated from the game means no one will sit on the side-lines and become bored because they are out of the game. This keeps everyone involved and participating, which is necessary for a fun game night for all.

Because there are no cards (properties) to deal with, the game is not as clumsy or as slow. We all remember trying to organize our properties and continuously checking to see what we actually owned. Now, the tile system allows you to clearly see what you own and eliminates clutter.

Because the amount of tiles dictates how much money you get when someone lands on your property, you no longer have to worry about owning the best properties out there. All you have to worry about is filling up your tower with tiles, because the more tiles you have, the more you can charge.

Pros Of Monopoly Empire

- Fast paced game that can be played more than one time per night.
- No messy cards or stacks of money to deal with.
- Less space needed in order to play because towers fit nicely on the board.
- Involves luck and not as much skill, which gives every player an equal opportunity to win.
- The brands included in the game make it fun for tech-savvy kids who want to own Coca Cola or Xbox.
- Less money involved, which means less to count and control.
- Easy to learn for anyone, regardless of whether they have played Monopoly before.

Cons Of Monopoly Empire

- The game is only made for 2-4 players unlike the older versions that could accommodate 6 or more players.
- The game involves more luck than strategy, which may annoy hard-core gamers who want to win because they outsmarted their opponents.

Monopoly Empire Is Set To Be Extremely Popular This Year

Because this version is so quick and fun, it is set to become one of the most popular versions of Monopoly on the market. It will draw not only the old Monopoly crowd, but also the teenagers and people who never had the patience to play the old version.

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But don’t wait too long. Just because the game is in stock right now doesn’t mean it will be for long. Christmas is approaching and people are going to be buying the most popular games for their families and friends to enjoy during the holiday season, and Monopoly empire is set to be one of those games. The chances of it selling out are high.


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